Best Office Chair Buyers Guide – Top 5 The Ultimate Guide For Selecting The Right One.

Best Office Chair Buyers Guide – Top 5 The Ultimate Guide For Selecting The Right One.

Anybody Who has ever had to sit in an office for any length of time will know the significance of having a good quality, comfortable chair. Whether you are working in an office or at home, you will want to Avoid the aches and pains having a sub-standard chair can bring. Good quality seats can be expensive, but thankfully there are some excellent resources on the internet to allow you to research and buy cheap office chairs and cheap computer chairs.

Any employer who wants the maximum productivity out of their employees will purchase the best office chairs they can. If a worker feels uncomfortable in their chair throughout the day, they will find it very difficult to concentrate on Producing good work. There is also the risk that poorly designed chairs will lead to repetitive strain injuries means that they can take time off work regularly.

For people working in home offices, the same principles apply. Office Chair is often notoriously uncomfortable, resulting in you taking more breaks from work than you Would like. You may also find it not easy to concentrate on what you are doing, with the overall result of you not being productive enough.

It can be frustrating having sales associates spin a bunch of technical terms and mumbo jumbo expecting you to have a complete understanding of what they are talking about. I have prepared the Top 5 Tips you need to know when purchasing new office chairs. This guide is suitable for many types including leather, mesh, and ergonomic office chairs, as all of these have similar components in common.

Prepared with this knowledge, you will be able to ask the salesman the most important factors and in turn, walk out with a quality office chair as an opposed to a low-quality one that may just look impressive – but isn’t!

1) Seat Foam Density

The cushioning used in the base of the seat needs to be firm and of high density. If you sit in the chair and the cushioning sink immediately, this is usually a good indication low-density foam has been used. The low-density foam may feel softer. Still, it will not last as long as high-quality high-density foam. After a reasonably short period of regular use (6 months ~) the low-density foam will sag, and you will eventually feel like you are sitting on a hardwood floor. Be sure to question the salesman about this before purchasing.

2) Mechanisms

The device controls the tilt, recline, back and seat adjustments of your office chair. It is the metal part that bolts underneath the seat and connects to the gas lift cylinder. There are many different types of seat mechanisms with a range of different features. Have the salesman walk you through all features and compare these to other seats so you can make the best decision on an office chair that will suit your needs, not someone else’s.

3) Castors or Wheels

The castors, also known as the wheels can vary chair to chair. Different castors are suited to different floor types such as carpet or polished floor boards. Be sure to get the correct castors for your floor, the last thing you want is scratched polished floor boards. You may also want to question the salesman on the use of a chair mat and what the best wheels would be for said mat. Note: castors with a PU wheel are much better on hardwood floors due to the softer material used.

4) Five Star Base

Be careful purchasing an office chair with a low quality, weak plastic base. If you lean too far back in the chair, to say reach something, you can quite easily snap a leg off. If you are aware of this than this type of base can still be okay, just do not lean too far back on your chair, so the front wheels lift off the ground because you will snap a leg off. Metal bases are excellent and apparently extremely hard to break. Individual model plastic bases are also good, flip the office chair upside down so you can see how the 5-star base is constructed, it should be fairly obvious if is strong or weak.

5) Arm Rest Height

If you purchase an office chair where the Arms cannot be removed, be sure to measure the height to ensure your seat will comfortably fit underneath your desk. Having a chair that does not fit under your desk due to the arm rests is incredibly annoying. Height adjustable arm rests a great feature, so is the ability to eradicate them. Only on certain model chairs will you be able to remove the arm rests, many models use the arm is based on connecting and providing support from the seat to the back rest.


With this knowledge you will be able to make a better decision on your next office chair purchase, don’t let the salesmen brainwash you with mumbo jumbo, ask them the real questions and you will be sure to walk out with a great purchase.

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